Welcome to SG Classic Cars, the home of vintage vehicle restoration


Restore your Dreams, Restore your vehicle.

For those of us whose dream cars come from “yesteryear”, we can’t just walk into a car dealership and buy one and SG Classic Cars realised there is a huge gap in the market for classic car restoration in the Cape Town region. We have taken this market by storm and have become known as the home of vintage vehicle restoration in classic car restoration. When it comes to the restoration of a car that’s three, four or even seven decades old can raise alot of questions, such as “Is the engine in good shape?” “How about the transmission systems” In addition, the upholstery inside and the paint outside may be in a state that requires alot of attention.

If you have the money to spend, we welcome you to our workshop where we dedicate our time and lots of ambition to restoring your vintage vehicle. Cars aren’t built to last forever, but restoration can breathe new life into an older vehicle and make it look and run like new. This makes the car more valuable at a sale or auction, guaranteeing its collectible status.

As exciting as the process of car restoration sounds, it is also a costly and time consuming trait. The job and its cost can vary depending on what car you’ve selected and how much work needs to be done. But the end result is always rewarding, auto restoration gives everyday drivers a chance to ride around in a classic automobile as if it had just come out of the dealer’s lot the year it was made.

Quality service and honest quotations are always a guarantee