Classic car services:


“Select the Best Coach Building Services to Transform Your Pride & Joy”

Coach building of old referred to the method of manufacturing the body of an automobile or horse-drawn vehicle. Initially, the term denoted the manufacture of a vehicle body that was built on a different chassis. When it comes to coach building, we offer our services for a wide range of cars, be it vintage cars or the latest sports cars. At SG Classic Cars we have the expertise and knowledge of all the different materials required for this process.
Our clients may also be a part of the transition of these cars and gain an insight into the development process. Coach building commences with selecting a suitable donor car that has the prospect of returning to its original condition. We are well equipped with the many varied materials required for the process and other elements needed for the restoration of the car. Be it the ground up nut and bolt restoration or the more sympathetic refurbishment of the vehicle, we undertake a myriad of initiatives to bring back the lost glory of the car.
Customers are at liberty to adhere to the original colour specifications of the project or select new colour schemes. We are innovative in our approach and utilise the latest methods available to the industry. We strive to uphold the quality of the work as we abide by the highest quality standards achievable witnessed by the many delighted clients whose cars have passed through the workshop.


“Give an Unblemished Look to Your Car with Upholstery and Trimming Renewal”

When you need to upgrade the interior of your car, then nothing can beat our services. Be it a car seat repair or door panel replacement, our professionals have the expertise to do it efficiently. Our specialists utilise the latest technology and match the colours to give a seamless finish to the repair process.
Even the scratches that occur on the vinyl surface are rectified with the help of the latest techniques. These procedures give an unblemished and pristine look to the car. SG Classic Cars has extensive experience in the trimming industry. Vintage cars, sports car or the latest models that rule the road, we undertake upholstery repairs for all vehicles. We also specialise in the restoration of the entire interior of the car and will replace vinyl with selected leather.


“An Insight into the Removal of Scratches and Paintwork Renovation”

The appearance of scratches is probably the last thing you will want on your car. But, once these marks appear, the best thing to do is to remove them. There are a number of reasons scratches appear but re-spraying the car to get the unblemished look might result in an unnecessary cost and deep compounding and polishing may provide the solution. However, depending on the paint condition, re-spraying may be the only answer.
For the convenience of car owners, small portions of the car’s paintwork can also be retouched. For these services, you can rely on us stress-free. First we assess the scratch or damage and determine whether it has penetrated deep or not. SG classic cars follows a specific technique to remove scratches from the surface of the car by starting with the removal of the paintwork from the surrounding areas of the scratch. This helps to mellow down the imperfection that is caused by the scratch and then we use cutting compound which is abrasive in nature. When painting a car with metallic paint, an extra layer of paint is applied over the base colour which safeguards the colour itself. Any mark on the lacquer is often difficult to remove. We understand these processes well and restore the paintwork accordingly

Mechanical Restoration

“Give Your Classic a Revitalised Drive with a Mechanical Restoration”

Restoration of a vehicle involves giving new life to the vehicle and bringing it back to its original working condition. This process involves restoration of the vital elements of the car rather than modifying or updating different parts and applies importantly to the mechanical parts. The aim of this process is to return the vehicle to its original condition. To enable this process, it is essential for the vehicle to undergo aesthetic, mechanical and structural assessment. At SG Classic Cars we undertake such mechanical restoration of classic cars.
Our in-house specialists have the expertise to restore the mechanical parts of the car. After restoration of the engines, those parts are tested and run. The rear axles and the gearboxes are built as per the original specifications and is accomplished with an eye to the smallest detail. Prior to the mechanical restoration of the car, our specialists first research the different aspects of the mechanics of the car and identify the components of the car that need to be repaired or replaced. If, as often occurs, any parts for the car are not available, we ensure that those parts are re-manufactured to the correct specification.
The mechanical restoration of the engine, suspension and gearbox utilises the most recent technology and techniques. All the various mechanical parts of the vehicle are first segregated, cleaned and then carefully inspected before the restorative process commences. We ensure the highest quality is achieved in compliance with industry standards.


“Make your Dream Car True with Parts Fabrication”

When in need of an upgrade, restoration or even small changes to your car, then fabrication of parts may be the right option. SG classic cars can be a great provider in helping you in this regard. With our superior customized services, we have created a niche for our operation in the market place. The innovation we utilize in fabricating the carbon, aluminium, steel, fibre glass and even ash wood body parts of your car has resulted in a remarkable increase in our client base.
We ensure that the quality of the service is upheld through the different services offered by us. The state-of-the-art equipment we use helps in satisfying the extensive demands of our varied client base. If you are on the lookout for a prototype fibre glass part or a custom carbon part, we will supply it. Our experts ensure that polyester resins are used to fabricate the different parts of the car. We also ensure that the finest quality raw material is used for fabricating different parts of the body. For door panels, window frames and other ancillary parts, we use the finest materials available.
Finally, complete body fabrication is a speciality in aluminium and in this we are industry leaders. A recent project required the conversion of a 1938 classic V12 4 door saloon into a 2 door convertible. The final body fabrication was an outstanding work of art and expertise and probably a first for the South African Industry.


“Sourcing of Parts and Accessories for your Car”

When requiring parts, you will obviously prefer the correct accessories and parts so that the function of the vehicle is not impaired. If you are needing to source parts for your car, then SG Classic Cars is the right agency to go to. They will ensure that classic car owners are provided with the highest quality products and not cheap replicas that are now available. It is often necessary to take the global route and that is where we have the experience – knowing which supplier in what country will offer the best service and price.


“Recommission your Old Car and prepare it for The Road”

As is the case, a classic car has not been driven for a long time, often years and recommissioning the vehicle is essential to make it fit for the road. Even if you have stored the car in perfect conditions, it is still important to recommission the classic. A few of the problems one may encounter include seal and tyre degradation, hydraulic failure, oil and fuel separation, electrical faults, withering upholstery and brake seizure. To avoid these problems, you can seek the professional help of SG Classic Cars who will not only uplift your vehicle but thoroughly service and assess its condition. The recommissioning may be due to selling the car and this is where we can add value and even assist with the marketing of the car through our extensive client base. As faults may have festered over time, our experience will aid in the swift rectification of the problems. There are few “unique” glitches that we have not before encountered.


“Remove the wood rot from your old Ash Frame”

Many car marques dating back to the 1930’s used ash wood frames for rigidity and stability, particularly when skinned with aluminium. Even as recently as the 1950’s, makes such as Jaguar still framed certain body elements with ash wood – in this the XK120 is but one example.
This is a very specialist field where SG Classic Cars are excelling, having recently re-framed three 1930’s projects including a Mercedes, Berliet and Lagonda. In all cases it was necessary to re-work the hood frames, in itself a very exacting task.

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