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Welcome to SG Classic cars, the Home of Classic Car restoration.

Restore your dreams

Restore your vehicle

For those of you whose dream cars came from “yesteryear”, it is impossible to just walk into a car dealership and buy a historic vehicle and SG Classic Cars realised there is a huge gap in the market for classic car restoration in the Western Cape of South Africa.

They have taken the market by storm and will become known as the epicentre of classic car restoration. When it comes to the restoration of a car that’s three, four or even seven decades old, many questions are raised, such as “is the drivetrain in good shape?” and “how about the electrical systems?” In addition, the upholstery, bright work and bodywork may be in a state that requires a lot of attention.

Whether you are a collector or investor, we welcome you to our workshop where we devote time, effort and plenty of ambition into restoring historic vehicles to their former glory.


Cars are not built to last forever, and often sympathetic restoration can breathe new life into an old vehicle and make it look and run like new. This makes the car more valuable guaranteeing its collectible status.

As exciting as the process of car restoration and refurbishment sounds, it is also a costly and time consuming exercise. The project cost can vary tremendously depending on the donor car you have selected and the extent of the work required, but the end result is always rewarding. The restoration process offers owners an opportunity to ride around in a classic car as if it had just come off the dealer’s floor the year it was made.


About Us

Welcome to SG classic cars.

After several years gaining valuable experience restoring classic cars with various companies, Graham and Stephen Mesecke returned to their current premises in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa. On the 1st of January 2014 they opened the doors of newly named SG classic cars with a small staff of 5 dedicated people intent on offering the motoring public a bespoke service in the restoration of old cars. From day one, the workshop became a hive of activity replicating the sounds and ambience of days of yore when hands were the main constructors in the car industry and repair or renovation preceded the replacement of parts which is the norm today.

The company, now with a dedicated workforce of eleven staff with an average age of 49, focuses on the restoration of classics dating from the 1930’s to the more recent 1970’s, working to the original specifications of each car. Specific mechanical and electrical upgrades are undertaken at the owners request only. The company has available the disciplines of the industry under one roof, restore all makes of classic cars and employ staff who are passionate about their work. Owing to the enormous workload, during June 2018 the company doubled the size of its premises in Killarney Gardens. They take on a project, evaluate it, strip it down to its last component and then begin with the rebuilding process. Each component is restored using all the correct parts. The car is then re-assembled and thoroughly tested before it is handed back to the owner.

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